Make It Real by Demi & Dami Sobanjo

I am so excited today😁 March 17 (today) is the 1st year anniversary of Like Jesus podcast by Olu Sobanjo. I am so grateful to God for grace and for all He has taught me along the way.

Thanks to you too for your support and help this past one year.

Above all, I am so grateful for my family, they have made this possible. I can’t count the number of times my hubby and boys have asked or reminded me to go do my recording. And shhh! mommy is doing a recording 😁

To celebrate and start a new thing, the boys created their first solo video. Demi composed the song and Damilola helped to edit and we all made it real.

So grateful to God for these boys and my darling hubby; my podcasting crew.



Btw, they hope to find more time to write on their blogs…Demi’s site is at and Dami’s is at

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