Welcome to September! There is the tendency to be stressed at this stage of the year if there are unachieved items on your 2017 goals. Depend on the author of your life and greatness can still happen with your this year. It’s a great idea to begin trusting God to reveal His plans for 2018. It’s important to have an attitude on reliance on Him.

Rev Gbemiga OlowosoyoLet me introduce you to my Special guest on like Jesus podcast for this week’s episode, a man that God established on my path. He is my big brother, Rev Gbemiga Olowosoyo. He is a major tool in the body of Christ. Has been a great help to many all around the world. He is the Senior Pastor at Christ The Answer World Mission. One of their mission work is their Free Mission School in the Muslim area of Ibadan, Nigeria. He has a vibrant Christian literature ministry and you can download many of his book FREE on Lulu.com.

In this interview, I asked him questions about how to understand God’s call for your life. He shared his own personal experiences of how his ministry started. Today’s episode is part 1. Look out for the rest of the interview in coming weeks.

Here is a snick peak of my interview with Rev Gbemiga Olowosoyo:

DIscovering purpose starts from a vibrant relationship with God, his ministry started when he recognized what God did for him, then he began to pray that God would do the same in the lives of people around him, including your sincierely, me.

God bless you today as you listen.

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