My vision by God's graceSo my hubby and I were talking this past week, I was telling him about the vision of a network I have for the future. For some reason, I thought he knew this part of me so well. However, it wasn’t as clear to him as it is to me.  And this made me realize that its one thing to know your vision, it’s another thing to be able to communicate your vision clearly for those around you to know it and be able to help you.

Though your vision is very clear in your own mind, it may look vague to people watching you. That’s when I realized that you, my listeners, may also not know clearly what my vision is. That why I decided to do an episode to share some of the things I see with you.

In my short life here on earth, I have met so many amazing people. I used to think I was the greatest of them all but I was wrong. I used to want to do it all but God has delivered me from this and has helped me to see that what he has given me is a platform. And that platform is to help other people.

A few years ago God opened my eyes to see that all the things I used to desire to do are things that I need to empower others to do. For those who know me, you know that I could easily be called an idea machine, as much as I believe I would still have some other work spring up, I have come to a conclusion with God that most of the ideas are for others.

So What’s My Vision?

To have a network or platform, like a TV network, where many can launch their God-given ideas. I love to ask people questions, I have developed a desire for learning from others and I believe that everyone was created for a purpose. Though now I have also realized that we can’t all be a starter. That some of us thrive better in complementing roles. For sure I believe that there is a thing that you will do that will not only pay you in physical rewards for your labour but that will also give your life a meaning. You feel fulfilled doing such things.

So What Do I See?

By God’s Grace, I see that God has called me to encourage believers to plug into His purpose for them. Jesus said we are Salt and light. The world awaits our manifestations. I have written 4 books in that direction.

  1. Living from the inside out.
  2. Empower by grace
  3. Weep no more: God has not forgotten you
  4. And Perfect love

In one way or another, these titles are talking about embracing God’s full life in order to be all He made you.

Also for the past 11 years, I have been leading an annual ladies conference in my church called Vessels of Grace conference. This has become a platform where vessels are discovered and used for the King. 3 years ago, God reminded me of the vision which is to empower other ladies to become all they were designed to be. And I am grateful to God for different women that are becoming stronger in their gifting while ministering during the 2 days conference.

I also really enjoyed my last 2 books, weep no more and perfect love because I asked some amazing people I know to co-author the book with me and if you have read the books, you can find them here.

So What’s My Impact Structure?

I believe that people that I work with usually fall into these three categories: engage, impact, outlast.

Engage level is where I am encouraging individuals to step out by faith in God’s purpose

Impact are those that are already living the life of constant Impact.

Outlast are those who have been living this life of consistent impact for at least 10 years straight,  they have engaged fully and are now entering the stage of structuring their system of impact to actually outlast them on Earth.

Going forward, I want to know how I can strengthen you in the area of purpose. How can I help you? What level are you in? Engage, impact, outlast?

I have a huge diagram of what God has called me to do and I will need your help in order to be able to get it done.

  • I need your prayers.
  • I need your comments.
  • I need your stories…

I have had some amazing on the like Jesus podcast, and I want more amazing people. So if you have an amazing story about the purpose that you will love to share, I will love to share your story with my people all over the world. Whether it falls in the engage, impact or outlast level, it doesn’t matter. Pls reach me at

Do you have a story to share or a comment?

Please leave me a comment below:

2 thoughts on “My Vision By God’s Grace #LJ059

  1. Thanks Pst Olu
    I think i AM at the impact level
    I need more clarifications and direction from God on how to Go about it.

    1. That’s really amazing Lydie,
      The truth is that clarification from God is always an ongoing thing all through life. However, I personally love the peace and confidence that comes with discovering God’s purpose.

      That’s why I am working on an event right now, slated to go live in June by God’s grace. This will help people find clarity towards greater impact. More details coming soon.

      Thanks for leaving me a comment

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