Don't Underestimate The God You FollowFollowing the last episode on without me you can do nothing, the question to ask next is what is nothing and what is something? What did Jesus mean and how does it affect us today?

Don’t Underestimate The God You Follow
I talked about a song by Josh Wilson on this episode – Pushing back the dark

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One thought on “Don’t Underestimate The God You Follow

  1. Thanks Olu for sharing this.
    Over the years after many struggles, It is becoming more real to me that when we do “fantastic” work for God (work that is not initiated by God, but is very good and nice to our mind and ego), we are like a 4 year old boy who writes happy birthday daddy on his dad’s new car with a stone.

    The writing of happy birthday is great. But it is nothing. To the boy it is something. But to the dad, it is negative.

    When we act outside the wise plans of God, we do nothing. Most times it is very negative. In fact all the time it is negative.

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