Warning: Don’t Get distracted from your purpose!

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In this post, I want to focus on the fact that on your path to purpose there are so many distractions on your way.  You must watch out for them in order to keep moving forward in the right direction.

So I felt a tap on my back like I was being beckoned upon to wake up for an important discussion. And immediately I was wide awake. It was the Lord, calling me for a chat with Him. 

You see, I had been extremely busy, coupled with a bit of jet lag since we got back home. I enrolled in a school where I am doing some studies on how to improve some of my skills and how to organize the flow on my website. It has been an exciting added-help, to understand the way blogging works and how to flow it well with my life.

I’m sure you get it when I say life doesn’t stop for you. No, it doesn’t. And with my primary goals like being a slave of Christ, a great wife to my husband, a wonderful mom to my boys, a caring pastor and some other roles like a daughter,  sister, friend and a few more caps; things can get pretty busy. That’s why I have had to burn some midnight candles to make things work.

So on this particular day, as soon as I said goodbye to the boys and had breakfast with my hubby, it was obvious that I needed some extra hours of sleep and that’s what I did.

It was a refreshing sleep, for almost 3 hours I snoozed off. Sorry if you tried to reach me on phone at that time, my phone was far away from me.

Anyway, my darling Father was waiting right there, and at the right time, I felt like I was woken up to pray. As I did, I began to see that I was already getting attracted by some other exciting stuff that I had been discovering at school. I was already feeling like I should add more to the vision. I was already pushing my studies higher on my priority list. As I fellowshipped with God that day, I repented and was able to see how far I had gone.

As you work toward fulfilling God’s purpose, you must watch out for distractions because they will definitely come. Very good ideas will come as distractions while other obviously wrong ideas will hang around you as well.

How to discern you are distracted.

  • Is anything eroding your time with Jesus?
  • Do you sense that you are beginning to please people more than pleasing God?
  • What about your relationships (spouse, children). Do you feel the relationship with them is going to the back burner?
  • Did you suddenly notice a 2-hour block of time was just spent on social media (Facebook, YouTube….)
  • Have you ignored your plan to carry out a project by doing many other things that were not on the list because you don’t like the item on your list?
  • Is the buzz from your phone getting your mind distracted?

It’s a blessing to recognize that you are being distracted.

Steps To Take When You Are Distracted…

  1. Go back to Jesus. Schedule a time for Him daily and guard that time jealously.
  2. Read the vision He gave you over and over again
  3. Mend your relationships-give your family members your sincere love and attention and get them to be your accountability helpers as well.
  4. Put your phone on airplane mode or silence and put it far away from you.
  5. Shutdown social media or put it aside for blocks of time in your day.
  6. Trust the Holy Spirit to keep you in focus.

We were meant to live in close communion with our Lord. Learn to focus as you follow his examples by living a purposeful life daily.

I pray for you for the grace to focus.

Question: What are some other ways you deal with distractions? Leave a comment below:

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