Really, I have enjoyed creating these podcasts whilecoming soon photo I continue to grow in love with God.  However, I get really blessed by the interviews I have produced. The dialogs and interviews are transformational; not just for me but for many of my listeners all over the world. I love to listen to them over and over again. It’s a blessing to hear other people’s story and learn. This is why I have decided to make some exciting adjustments going forward.

So, what should you expect? 

  • Lots more dialogs & interviews with Pastor Ade Sobanjo – I have pulled him in 😉
  • Dialogs with many other amazing thought leaders. Individuals that are fantastic at what they do.

Who is my Target Audience for Like Jesus?

  • Are you tired of just existing?
  • Do you desire to live purposefully today?
  • Are you interested in living a life that counts?
  • Do you wonder how possible it is to live like Jesus today while greatly influencing others?
  • Or do you know someone that fits these descriptions?

…then you will want to sign up now. That way you won’t miss any relevant post.

Meanwhile, my podcasting platform went off on me today and so I had to pay for another portal. I have been busy setting it up today and that’s why today’s episode was delayed. As at this moment, iTunes users have been updated while google play is yet to update.

Lastly, as planned, I will be returning to blogging on the 20th of Sept. I am glad to be back home after 4 months of being away. My plan is to do 3 posts a week; one on Mondays (podcast post), then one on Wednesdays and another on Fridays.

God bless you and don’t forget to live me a message below.

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