dessert photoApparently, sugar is the same whether it comes refined, as white sugar, as maple syrup or as honey. That’s what I recently got some clarity on. I know you must have heard that too.

For people like me (who care about purpose) there is a possibility that you are carried away by the delivery of your message no matter what. Even if it means ignoring some healthy tips. However, I have a question for you today. Have you taken time to really study how your body works and how to feed it properly in order to have that body healthy enough to deliver your message over time?  Don’t feel bad if you have ignored this, I also thought I was doing fine.

Recently I took some time to study what healthy eating really means and how that affects me today. And I was amazed at a number of details I had ignored for so long. You see, I thought I was making the best possible choices in this regard; at least compared to many other women.  For example, I stopped buying soda (coke and the likes), I choose the no sugar added, low sodium and low-fat options when I went grocery shopping. I cook 90% of the food I serve my family.  I didn’t know there was a lot more to it.

Here are some facts that I learned in recent studies:

  • Your body is a complex machine with several vital organs that requires good food to function well.
  • Natural sugar is the same as refined sugar. For example, sugar in an apple has the same effect as sugar in coke.
  • The effect of sugar on your liver is similar (if not worse) compared to that of alcohol on your liver.

If your message and purpose are important to you, you must also pay attention to doing all that lies within your power to maintain the body that will deliver that message. Ignorance is not an excuse to wreck your body.

I know you may be thinking “I really don’t know who to believe”. Researchers say eggs are bad for you, another set contradicts that by saying “no eggs are good, it’s dairy that is bad”. The facts keep changing every day and we are not sure who to believe. Well, I am like you too dear. However, we cant ignore what makes sense because we are not sure. As for me, I won’t continue to ignore the truth. Not anymore.

My Resolutions Going Forward:

1. Remove processed food completely from our meals– easier for my husband and I. I will gradually do the same for the children.

2. Completly remove refined sugar. Substitute with real fruits in every meal. I wonder what banana would taste like inside my gari or Pap 😉

3. Gradually remove and regulate natural sugar (maple syrup, honey, even fruits) intake.

So help me God!

Trust me you won’t want to consume refined sugar after watching the video I saw.

The point is to change your lifestyle completely. People talk about having more energy after making these changes and feeling great. Well, I hadn’t paid attention because I didn’t think I was lacking energy. My aim is not to become a fanatic, I just want to make the right choices for my family. That’s all and you can do the same. I don’t want to remove all the fun from my life, so I may still have something once in a long while, but you never know.  I may just find a fun way to cut off completely and I am open to that too. Slow and steady for the most part. This is a long-term goal and so I am in it for the long haul. And I want to suggest that you consider gradually removing processed sugar from your meals as well.

You Can Do It Too! Start Here:

  • Revome sugar, sweetener, honey, maple syrup consumption (at least know that even the natural ones are not the best for you)
  • Take out store-bought processed meals from your daily meals: cookies, cakes, bread, muffins…
  • Then eliminate the processed food that you cook like pasta, noodles, canned goods…
  • Add superfoods to your grocery list and find ways to add them to your meals, things like almonds, avocado, blueberries, salmon, kale…
  • And of course, exercise for about 10-15 minutes daily.

The truth is that if you are sick or if your family member is unwell, it will be harder to live a life of purpose, so it may be a good thing to pay attention to it now, especially if you are the one responsible for making grocery choices at home.

God help us all!

Question: What other healthy eating choices have you made recently? Leave a comment below:

2 thoughts on “Pay Attention To Healthy Eating Too – Consider Reducing Sugar

  1. You are making a whole lot of sense my dear Aunty and hitting some very important points too, have also had to make several uneasy changes in my diet even though it’s not been easy honestly! (and have not been totally abiding o).

    Changes like staying away from processed foods, you know it also includes canned products, for me I love fried rice/vegetable rice so I shd learn to take off all the canned peas and corns and stick to fresh vegetables hmmmm how easy. Also includes staying away from noodles, not that am soooo in love with it but you know there are times you just need something fast!

    Staying away from pastries. Oh another serious one! I don’t have the opportunity to buy so much here but I love to make varieties, from research it’s important to stay away from flour products…… and am like seriously? ??? Cakes, cookies, biscuits, bread how I love them… but if I want to live healthy I must strike them out of my list.

    Another very important one is taking lots and lots of water! You know you shd take nothing less than 4/5 liters a day ???? You should even start your day with like 2 glasses of water. With this you keep your system very hydrated and it helps flush the system too, incase you took some drugs or some toxic stuffs unknowingly, taking alot of water has a great effect on almost all the organs in the body, on the digestive organs(ease digestion), the kidney( flushes toxins and prevents stones), the liver, the skin and others.

    Yes! I love your regulations. Kindly add taking lots of water to it too and not just for you encourage everyone in the family too. Excercising is very good. But one thing I don’t forget to encourage is REST!!! Can we over emphasis the importance of rest?? I doubt it. Remember the maker of the Heaven and earth worked for 6 days and rested on the 7th day then who am I not to get rest after work???
    No matter how tight your schedule is don’t forget to add a time for rest.

    Thanks for this ma’am. Very impactfull.

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