Cindy had always seen herself as an influential politician. She was attracted to opportunities to hold leadership positions since she was in grade school. Same in high school. On her last day of high school, she met Philip, a fine young man, who’s dad was the Mayorfrustration photo of their city. Well, the truth is that the attraction was not solely because of Philip’s personality and character. It was because she desires to be more exposed to politics and that lifestyle. Many of us are like Cindy, we have dreams and as we grow, our dreams also grow. They become our fuel for life. Whenever our dreams are being actualized we feel elated and motivated and otherwise, we get sad, mad or angry.

In my last post and podcast, I talked about the fact that you must trust God to reveal your purpose. However, one major way to know if you trust God in the area of His purpose for you is to check if you are willing to hand over your dreams to Him. Depending on what you’ve met on your road of life, many of your dreams might have fallen off while some others are still very strong. Are you willing to surrender what I really wanted to be?

Though I personally believe that God some of your dreams are actually part of God’s plans, however, you must first surrender them completely to Him. You must be willing to be whatever He wants you to be, even if that means nothing or at least less than what you have always wanted to be. It’s only when you get to this point that you become free from frustration. To get the full picture of your purpose,  you need to have a trusting relationship with God. To get the full pictures you need to have a trusting relationship with God.

Think about the following statements, they will help you know what point you are at in your journey.

  • That God made the world….
  • That it was His choice (not yours) to bring you into his world….
  • God must have had a plan before bringing you here…
  • The plan you had for yourself is nothing compared to the plan He has for you…
  • What if God doesn’t show you His plan, will you be willing to embrace it though you can’t see it…
  • Why should you?
  • How would you be able to embrace what you don’t know?

Trust in Him.

What is TRUST?

Telling yourself to
Rely assuredly on God’s
Unwavering love and strength, then
Stepping forward with complete belief that he cares
Till the end.

Do you think He cares? Oh yes, He does. God really wants the best for you and if you don’t agree to this you won’t find rest in life. You will always be looking for more satisfaction. This is a big issue for many people. It’s easier to believe God for stuff as long as it doesn’t have to do with our dreams. Somehow people believe God is just a strict, unapproachable and callous father, I used to think that way.  I used to think that God was like people who didn’t care about what you think, that He only wanted His will to be done above all.

But I was wrong. God is our loving creator and father and He desires that we trust and believe in Him And trust His great wisdom and power. 

What do you think is the biggest reason people find it hard to surrender their dreams to God?

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