In this episode, I had a chat with my hubby and new co-host, Pst Ade Sobanjo. He shares on how the books he read as a new believer shaped his mind to understand clearly that every believer is a full-time minister whether at work or anywhere else. colleagues photo

This is an important concept to understand and accept if you REALLY want to live a life of purpose. Know that your life is no longer yours and find out what the owner wants you to do with it daily.

This way, as you learn to listen to Him and do what He wants (whatever that is) your fulfillment level will increase on a daily basis. All these as you learn to listen to the Master guide you.

Easy Steps Towards Living As a Full-time Minister (& Doctor, Accountant…)

  1. Salvation.
  2. Accept that you ‘ve got a new life and the old life is gone.
  3. Embrace the goal of the new life which is to bring God glory and bring others in.
  4. Listen daily to your master.
  5. Then, of course, learn to trust and obey.

Again if you want to engage a life of purpose, you must have gone through this steps. The next step then will be on how to know if your job has to be secular or in the ministry. He talked a bit about this but we will look at this clearer in another episode soon.

It’s easy to forget that you are a minister when you go to work. You can easily get carried away by the politics and stress of the workplace and also on the projects that are due. However, the foundational knowledge that you are a minister will help keep your mind on what God wants to do each day.

Have a fantastic week!

Question: Have you always known that you are a minister and how did you know?  Leave a comment below:

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