freedom from the lazy thinker syndrome

In this episode, I want to show you a really dangerous habit I call the lazy thinkers syndrome. I will show you the symptoms and then we will see how to overcome it. So if you identify as a lazy thinker already or if you identify with any of the traits in our discussion today, my aim is that after this episode, you will learn to receive grace to think at every time you need to.

Remember this is part of a series I titled breaking limits series. In the first of the series, I talked about my experience with a Stomach ulcer and how God opened my eyes to see some personal speed limiters I had, in the second episode of the series I shared about the Approval craving syndrome, can limit you and how to be free. That’s episodes 47 &48 in case you haven’t listened. I will link them below.

Again my desire for sharing this is so that you can find freedom in Christ to become all he made you be. The truth is that many of the ideas I share are very personal to me First and I am still dealing with these issues and I am on my way as well however, I have made a choice to keep moving, keep trusting God, I was not designed to please people but to please my God and so that’s what I will do. And that’s what I want you to do as well.

What is Lazy Thinkers’ Syndrome?

What do I mean by Lazy Thinkers Syndrome?  Well, its when someone is unwilling to exert their brain energy to consider or ponder the options beyond their current state or circumstance.

I didn’t even think this was a major thing until I began to do a study on this. One day I was praying, my prayers are always lord help me to live like you. and God opened my eyes to see a pattern in my life with this syndrome.

According to the study by Daniel Kahneman,  The Nobel prize-winning economists,  people are cognitive misers, meaning that the brain tends to seek solutions to problems that take the least mental efforts.  In practice, that means people answer easy questions in place of hard ones.

I discovered from research that because 90-95% of our thinking is controlled by our subconscious mind, what does that mean? only 10% or less of our thoughts are generated from our conscious mind, what we are experiencing now. That’s why you may drive all the way to the office and now remember any details on the trip. This is the main foundation for our topic today.

Why is it important?

Unfortunately, lazy thinking leads to haphazard fact-finding, shallow processing, and hasty conclusions.

Lazy thinking can be very dangerous and even deadly. It definitely has a great influence on the decisions you make, actions you take and your results.

So What symptoms are you to look out for?

  1. In church, you meet people that will not engage God’s words for themselves for real. they only want to know what the pastor said. Someone told me ones, Olu, just tells me what to do. Don’t tell me to study the bible to find the truth. This is a major lazy thinkers symptom. Mind you I used to have some of this traits too. I used to study to show what I know, not necessarily to think and meditate so as to affect my own life, my assumption was that I am good and all I needed to do with God’s word in preach it.  I just need God’s word to teach others… hmmm, how wrong was I.
  2. Another kind is the one I share just now, you get an idea, and you want to hit the road running. You don’t want to do the research needed, you don’t want to use your brainpower to run the idea from point A to Z. You see people like me will say, I don’t know where this is headed. I don’t. I don’t want to appear to be thinking about what I want, how can I? I only want what God wants. And since I don’t know exactly what that is, I don’t want to worry now. God knows the end product, all I want to do is trust, but Its a lie. This is why you will see that you may start that idea but it leads to nowhere?
  3. Another one is when you are ready to are taking decisions and actions that are not well thought out, all you want to think of right now is that fun of the moment when I thought is about to come as per the consequences of your actions, you quickly shut down the thought. you convince yourself that there must be a way out, somehow.
  4. Lazy Thinker jumps to conclusions quickly before taking time to think about the situation or the person. You ask them, why don’t you like that person, I don’t know, I just don’t like them. They blame it mostly on their gut feelings.
  5. Lazy thinkers allow their minds be in the redundant mode and so allow a lot of negative thoughts to just sit around in their mental faculty. Unfortunately, This causes problems, it can create serious health issues, I can relate this back to the stomach ulcer experience I shared in episode 47.
  6. Lazy thinkers tend to not live to our potentials. By allowing your mind stay glued to your limiting beliefs, you stay small. You tend to believe that you don’t have any other options.
  7. Examples-Esau
  8. Example- Samson

What about you? Do you have any other examples?

Again lazy thinkers syndrome is a deadly syndrome,  many have ignored or even wasted the grace of God upon them….

How can You be free?

  1. Track your thoughts and Face it head on
  2. Challenge your beliefs
  3. Find Scriptures that will set you free. Remember to do this one at a time, Don’t crucify yourself if you don’t get it right, keep trying. Break the limiting belief that you can’t come up with another option, you can.

I created a tool to help you through this process, If you have not downloaded it already go ahead, it’s at

I know you want to be all that you were created to be, and so I want to ask you to find truths that will cancel out the limiting beliefs and hold on to that.

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