For more than 3 years; my family and I have been in a place called Kuje, near the Federal Capital Territory (Abuja), Nigeria. We came on a mission to plant a church. These time have been the best in the area of my growth and for my family, it’s been an amazing period.

We have experienced the greatest trials but also the biggest understanding of God as a family. Assuming I was in a meeting with God prior to the instructions to go to Nigeria, I would have adviced Him against it. I would have shown Him things that could go wrong, and I actually did back then but wasn’t able to change his mind 😉 However, looking back I am so grateful that God sent us here.

Almost 4 years later and the church family is growing here in Kuje. And now as we get ready to travel to go fellowship with our Church family in Canada for another season, it’s been such a busy time as well as emotional. One thing remains, that God has been the head of His church.

Abuja, The City Of Rocks

Anyway, to the story. You See, Abuja is a city of rocks, almost everywhere you turn you will likely see one. For a few months now I have noticed a mountain near our church. Each time I come into the church, I always look out through the window and God has used that mountain as a perfect illustration to me, many times.

One day I saw it and it reminded me of how faithful God is. I suddenly realized that my God is so huge as I gazed at the size of the mountain. Assuming someone with a small sized god met me, as soon as they see the size of my God they will tremble and I wouldn’t fear. However, I also realized that day that the mountain is small beside my God.

On another day, God opened my eyes to see that salvation by grace is like when suddenly you find yourself on top of the mountain without having to climb it, you were given a parachute and off you go to the top. We have been saved by grace through faith. We become his righteousness in Christ Jesus. While others are climbing (or trying to obey the law, you just work on staying connected, you enjoy your parachute. That way you can’t boast, you just want others to get this free parachute as well. You call others to the same grace.

Earlier today, as I got to church this Easter Sunday. It was also our last Sunday in the Kuje church for a little while. So much to get done in the service, lots of praying and structuring, water baptism and of course the normal Easter Sunday service. Everyone was waiting to hear God’s message from the senior pastor (my hubby).

Where is My Moutain?

I came into the Church and guess what? My mountain had disappeared. It was no longer there.

I looked out through the window, the same window like before. I didn’t find my mountain, it wasn’t there. I looked again, and again and again, and no it wasn’t there. What happened? Was it blasted, it can’t be. Then where is it?

Note that I am talking about a mountain, not a tree, a mountain is not something you need to find for too long, it’s big enough to be sighted from far away. But it wasn’t there.

So I kept looking. At this point, I was more curious and wanted an answer…so I kept wondering. Then I suddenly realized that my mountain was actually there. Yes, it was there hidden behind the thick fog. Then I remembered how bumpy my last flight was to Ibadan a week ago. The weather has been really foggy and that why my mountain seems lost. It was only covered up by the fog. It was there.

Wow! That was when I quickly brought out my phone to take a picture of the now invisible mountain.

I will add the picture to the corresponding post for you to see. In short, there is nothing to see in the picture. Nothing looks like a mountain in the picture. I hope to also find a picture of the same spot but with the mountain in it so you can see for yourself.

Anyway, as usual, God has a message for me in it. I had become so familiar with the mountain that I was so sure it will be there. I wrote a mini ebook on how to have an effective quiet time and I give it out free on my website. And in my opinion, you must get familiar with God and hang out with him daily. When you do, life becomes meaningful and exciting.

A note of warning, one day you will come to God and it will feel like He is not there. He will feel like your rock is gone. You feel like you are alone. It may even be what you are going through currently that is shielding you from seeing Him. Don’t worry! You are not alone. God is with you.

Hold on tightly to the previous experiences of Him that you have or hold on tightly to him by faith. If you don’t give up you will suddenly realize that your rock didn’t leave in the first place. Don’t be discouraged, have faith in Him. What was the last thing he said to you? Hold on the that. If there is an instruction go ahead and obey. He is there with you. Have faith in Him. He will show himself to you. He promised never to leave nor forsake you. Rest on him.

And take this from my brother/ my sister. You are not alone in this. I have felt like my God was away and I have also felt that my time alone with God some days are true.

Have you ever felt that God was not with you? How did you handle it? 

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4 thoughts on “The Story of My Mountain in Kuje #LJ058

  1. Thanks for sharing your faith with us. I have been on mountain tops by the grace of God over and over. Lately, my mountain is foggy, I question God and have been calling out to Him.
    We as a family are believing for the restoration of my daughters marriage for 3 years now. Asking Him not to put us to shame in our hope, and we heard that she’s planning her wedding this June to the man she lives with. I try to not judge by what I see or make my decisions by what I hear, but put my trust in the Name of My God, My Lord! May he continue to fill me with faith.

    1. Hi Patricia, thanks a lot for your comment. It’s disheartening to hear that your daughter is already planning a new wedding. I can only imagine how that makes you feel. I join you to pray that God will continue to fill you with faith through this.
      I have come to understand that the purpose of our trials is to test our faith in whom we believe. The devil will use anything to cause our trust in God to waiver. What we must learn to do however is allow our trust to stay firm. And not allow any doubts about God’s love for us. Just like the 3 Hebrew man, who said they knew their God would save them if thrown in the fire, I think that’s a huge dependence on God and they also added that they will not bow even if their God does not save them. They knew that God’s plan is what matters. Sometimes God allows some things we don’t really want, but all of it is to help build our faith in the truth that God loves us. I pray that God will open our eyes of understanding continually, especially your daughter’s.
      God bless Patty.

  2. Thanks for this beautiful piece am encouraged! I know my Redemer lives…

    God bless you Pastor Olu, more grace.

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