Coming Up On Like Jesus Podcast

Really, I have enjoyed creating these podcasts whilecoming soon photo I continue to grow in love with God.  However, I get really blessed by the interviews I have produced. The dialogs and interviews are transformational; not just for me but for many of my listeners all ov...

Interview With Rev Olowosoyo Part 2

rev OlowosoyoCelebrate with me on the 30th episode of Like Jesus podcast!!! I am so grateful that this is blessing many around the world. Here is the second part of the interview I had with my big brother, Rev Gbemiga Olowosoyo. Above is a picture of him and his lovely wife and my big sis ;-) Below are some of the highlights of our convers...

Interview with Rev Gbemiga Olowosoyo Part 1

Welcome to September! There is the tendency to be stressed at this stage of the year if there are unachieved items on your 2017 goals. Depend on the author of your life and greatness can still happen with your this year. It's a great idea to begin trusting God to reveal His plans for 2018. It's important to have an attitude on reliance on Him. Rev Gbemiga O...			</div>
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Commit Your Actions To The Lord

In this episode, I talk about the fact that you need to commit your actions to the Lord. Another word used to explain commit in the Merriam-Webster dictionary is; entrust. Give God the responsibility for your actions and your ways. Commit your works wholly to Him and not partially. Fully and not temporarily. Commit your actions to the Lord, your work, your ways, your today. And your thoughts will be established. Your plans,More

An Interview With My Mom Mrs. Grace Olowosoyo

In this episode, I interviewed my mom, Mrs. G.T Olowosoyo. She is an evangelist of the gospel,  a prayer warrior, and a businesswoman. She shares about how God's love has helped her and can help you too. She also prayed for you as well, so endeavor to listen and also share this with everyone you know. Asides being a member of the Methodist E...

Trust God To Reveal Your Purpose To You

Trust God To Reveal Your Purpose To YouA few weeks ago I carried out a survey with some of my podcast listeners and one major pain point for many was the area of knowing or clarifying their purpose and vision. In this episode, I talk about how important it is to trust God to reveal your purpose to you. For a few weeks now I have been talking about abiding in Christ ...

Practice Listening To God

listen photoOne event during our family meeting at Overcomers this past Saturday pointed my attention to listening more to God's voice among other voices. Many times we learn to listen to people we are used to. We find it easy to listen to them so instead of trying to listen to...

Before & After Part 3- WordFest Day 3

In this sermon, joy photoI wrap it up with the fact that to survive in the physical/natural world your 5 senses and your million other sensory receptors are essential. However in the spiritual world faith is the currency. In order for your joy to increase your faith in God must increase. You ...

Before & After Part 2 -WordFest Day 2

joy photoThis is a part 2 of my sermons at Wordfest 2017. "That your joy may be full". John shared his experience with us in all his books so that our joy may be full. However, it's great to know the before of John. That was what I shared yesterday and then today I share further on the encounter he had and also the tra...