Check Your Blind Spot – You May Be Wrong And Not Know It

When learning to drive, you are taught to also learn to check your blind spot. It is one of the critical lessons in driving.

What's a blind spot and How do you check your blind spot?

It is an area where a person's view is obstructed. Interestingly, something is there but because of its angle, you just can't see it. Something is blocking your view of it, though it's there. This is the case of what happened to me a few days ago. Let me ask for your mercies in advance as you read ...

Before & After Part 1 -WordFest Day 1

Joy photo NB, I haven't had time to blog this week because I am in the middle of our annual conference. I have added my messages at the conference here. John re-echoed Jesus' message to us - "That your joy may be full". He has some amazing messages for us that can help us enjoy more of God and rejoice in him. ...

Everyday Single Day I Need Grace Day 7/30

This morning I woke up with a concern. I had an unanswered prayer. Or should I call it an item on my worry list? Most of yesterday I was thinking about this particular topic and didn't have a solution. Looked for help but nothing came out. I slept last night tired. As soon as my eyes opened this morning, this notorious item on my worry list was right there, as if it was waiting for me to get up. I rushed to my darling Father, still restless and worried. Searched through the scriptures; w...