recovering people pleaserOlu Sobanjo has always had a passion and grace for an exceptional life but her desire to please people was her invisible speed limiter until she found deliverance in God’s word from the approval crazy life.

Olu serves as a co-laborer with her hubby at Overcomers Assembly. Since July of 2005, the duo planted 3 churches in Canada and one in Kuje. 2 new churches have emerged as part of Overcomers Assembly; another one in Canada and one in Cameroon. The church is based on the life groups principle of discipleship.

She is the mom to 2 growing young men and an inspiration to women everywhere. As a recovering people pleaser, she is passionate about helping women, youths, families, anyone with the approval-crazy-syndrome get the freedom to live their lives abundantly in Christ.

Olu also started Vessels of Grace Conference (an annual ladies conference) since 2007. She loves to worship.

She worked as a financial advisor at a leading Canadian Financial Institution for about 5 years until July of 2012, when she left her practice to devote herself to full-time ministry.

She is the author of Living from the Inside Out: experiencing unending joy in Christ and a few other books.