I Am A Sister

I Am A Sister
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I am a sister! I love being a sister.  I have many that I see myself as a sister to. I have a lot of people that I see me as their sister.  I am younger sister and an older one. I love being a sister.

The other day, it just occurred to me that this blessing of sisterhood has been a blessing over the years. I know so many amazing people and too many I am their little or big sister. Indeed I have been transformed my the story of many people. Some male some female.

When I think about each person, each story, I see the role I play. When I reflect about theses wonderful people I see the kind of sister I am to them.

I am..,

The sister that believes in her

The sister that thinks she can do it

The sister that doesn’t understand what more to do or say to connect with her

The sister that will take her burdens as mine

The sister that accepts her

The sister that believes he can do it

The sister who’s heart is intertwined with his

The sister that felt like a twin

The sister that will took him seriously even when others didn’t

The sister that will help him stand up and be real

The sister that would ignore his faults and help

The sister that wants to be like him

The sister that takes him for him and loves him no matter what

The sister that will make him do what’s best for him

The sister that would help him clear his mind to think clearly

The sister that would help him see the world with matured eyes

The sister that brings him close to see how easy life in Christ is

The sister that guides and watches to see him gradually become

The sister that is willing to tell her the truth

The sister that just doesn’t understand her

The sister that wants to know her more

The sister that I really thanks God for her

The sister that wants to lift him up but not sure how

The sister that knows she is stubborn but loves her all the same

The sister that is similar to him

The sister that’s just so grateful for him

The sister that is grateful for where she is today

The sister that loves her unique ways

The sister that is proud of him

The sister that wishes to be closer to her

The sister that is careful what she says to her

The sister that prays for the best for her.

The sister that wished we were closer

The sister that cherishes her from afar.

These and much more are ways my sisterhood relationship has been expressed towards people in my life.

Some I have seen my prayers answered over them while others its still ongoing. Some I have felt close to and other are still am.

For sure it’s been a blessing having people to relate with as sisters and friends.
I continue to build my archery of sisters every day. People that I can call myself a sister to (at least in my own eyes). If you have read to this point you may have seen the way I see the relationship I have had with you or want to have.

No matter where you fall, close or far away, remember that I want to be that sister that truly desires that you become all you were designed to be.

Sisterhood definitely can be expressed in very many ways. Mine keeps expanding and it keeps evolving.

I am glad to be a sister to many.

I thank God for each opportunity I have been given.

And I thank you all for letting me be your sister.

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Abiding Is In Your DNA

vine photoJesus said to abide in me, I discovered that the life of Christ inside us is that branch he talks about and since that branch is his, abiding in him would be natural for the branch because that’s what they do.

Abiding in Jesus is in different forms. First, are you connected/set free? Second, take the time to be alone with God and third do it every moment.

In order to be like Jesus, we must abide in him. His life must be active in ours.

God bless!

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I Choose Gratitude! 

I choose gratitude today.

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Yeah, seems just like any other day.

But no, it’s a unique day.

Today I choose gratitude.


I chose the word; ‘choose’ because I am consciously making a choice.


There are so many other choices I could make today

Complaints, blame, shame, fear, regrets….

But I choose gratitude


I am grateful for my life

I am grateful for today.

Oh no, it’s definitely not perfect; well, maybe not all the time😉

No, I am not a superhero kinda person

But I’m grateful for just ordinary me

Ordinary may seem as an understatement

But really I am just grateful for who God made me.


I’m grateful for my best friend, Ade

Whose love inspires me to love.

Whose life am extremely grateful for.


Grateful for Demi

Whose smart mind impresses me.

And is growing up to become an amazing young man.


Grateful for Damilola

Who’s creativity inspires me and who turns 7 today!

Happy birthday; my darling Oluwatomisin.


Grateful for my Dad…

His pet name for me is sweet in my ears.

Grateful for my Mom…

An epitome of love, strength, and grace


Grateful for my Dad-in-law…

I got the best for me

Grateful for my Mom in law….

God’s so good to me.


Grateful for my big brothers…

Grateful for my big sisters…

Grateful for my brothers in law…

Grateful for my sisters in law…

Grateful for my nieces…

Grateful for my nephews….

And all my relatives…..


Grateful for our pastors at Overcomers….

They are a rare bunch.

Grateful for all the friends I have made at Overcomers…

All over the world.

Ordinary people living extraordinary lives

All because of love.


Grateful for my past….

Grateful for this time of my life….

Grateful for what lies ahead…


Grateful to be alive at this time in history….


Grateful for my assets…

Grateful for my liabilities…

Grateful for my freedom….

Grateful for my limitations….


Grateful for amazing people I know from

Methodist church, Sabo, Ile-ife.

Methodist Evangelical Movement, Ile-Ife

SDA primary school, Ile-ife

SDA grammar school, Ile-Ife

Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), ile-Ife

Evangelical Christian Union(ECU), OAU.

Shekinah Business Ventures, ECU.

All those I did National Youth Service with – Maiduguri, Nigeria.

Friends from Affina

Friends from Investors Group (Montreal & Kingston)

Grateful for all my friends all over the world and on Facebook 😊


I am grateful for the true life I have (in Jesus)

And for the love He gives today…..


I choose gratitude today

And I want to continue to choose gratitude every day…

So help me God!


The other day I stole a selfie moment….

When no one was looking☺

Choose Gratitude


I choose to be grateful though I may not know tomorrow…


I choose to be grateful today for all He has done for me!

Don’t Underestimate The God You Follow

Don't Underestimate The God You FollowFollowing the last episode on without me you can do nothing, the question to ask next is what is nothing and what is something? What did Jesus mean and how does it affect us today?

Don’t Underestimate The God You Follow
I talked about a song by Josh Wilson on this episode – Pushing back the dark https://youtu.be/UmyTvpe6Afc.

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Without Me You Can Do Nothing

Without Me You Can Do Nothing

Without Me, You Can Do Nothing

Is it really true that we can do nothing without Christ? What did Jesus mean in John chapter 15:5? How does that affect you and I as followers of Christ? These and many more hot questions are the points I touch on in this new episode.

Have a delightful week everyone!

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Abundant Life; Easy or Hard? Like Jesus Podcast – 12

run photo

Why is it easy for some Christians to live the life of Christ and hard for some others? Here is another insightful interview with Pst Ade Sobanjo that you need to listen to.

Thanks for sending your feedback via the survey, here is a little thank you: YouTube instrumentals & soaking worship for the song – Your presence is heaven to me: https://youtu.be/1Jwc8wgwdso

Is there any tool (scriptures, songs, books…) that has helped you in challenging situations in the past? Pls, share in the comment below.

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Iron Sharpens Iron-Like Jesus Podcast – 11

iron sharpens ironIn this episode, I compare iron sharpens iron with how having my husband as my sounding board has really helped me to discover and confirm who really it is that God made me.


If you are married, do you feel you can tell your spouse all that is in your mind?

If you are married, do you feel you can tell your spouse all that is in your mind?

When you do, do you think he/she will really understand what you are saying?


Do you have a friend that you can share more of your authentic version with? Will he/she embrace and not condemn you for exposing the real you?

Whether you are single of married, you need friends that will fulfill the scripture Iron sharpens iron for you.

And always remember that God wants you to live your life to the fullest.


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All That You Requested

“And now, my daughter, do not fear. I will do for you all that you request, for all the people of my town know that you are a virtuous woman.”

‭‭Ruth‬ ‭3:11‬ ‭NKJV‬‬


Praise God for VGC 2017

I join many of my sisters to praise God for such an impactful conference this year. 

Here are some of the clips from VGC 2017:

Friday Night Olu Sobanjo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZnhZYXNuMA

Saturday Get to know Her & Talk Show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yg72ZEYgwlY

Saturday Morning Worship https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43HhOJ1dWfA

Saturday Morning Prayer after Ministry https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDxAXzyHUbU

Plan to be at 2018 VGC in Kingston Ontario. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNtlZ7s9Uzc

God bless You.