Learn To Say No In Order To Say Yes To God’s Purpose For You

Learn To Say No In Order To Say Yes To God's Purpose For YouWe say way too many Yes’ each day, way too many yes’ that are meant to be Nos. In today’s episode of Like Jesus podcast, Ade and I share different personal experiences and tips to help you learn to say No in order to say yes to God’s purpose for you.

If you are not careful, you will never be able to fully become the real person you were created to be.  That’s why this episode today; on how to learn to say no; is extremely important and urgent.

Do you find it hard when you get requests like:

  • Will you pls go with me to my cousin-in-law’s birthday party?
  • Can you help me house sit my pets
  • Are you the area, can you give me a ride to the doctor’s office?
  • Will you sign up for Olu’s weekly purposeful living newsletter?

Of course, you should say YES to the last one there;-)

Really though, we need the help of the Holy Spirit to know when to say yes and when to say no.

How can you can you use your No’s well and appropriately? How do you avoid the guilt that comes from saying NO?

Nothing comes for free. When you say Yes to anything, you have actually said no to a few other things. In order to start living a fulfilled life, it’s important to learn to say no, that way you can easily say Yes to God’s purpose for you each day.

Here are some practical steps that will help you

  1. Understand your priorities
  2. Plan your week and your day so you have a rough idea of what else you can add to your schedule.
  3. Make up your mind to be present and committed to any yes ( not half online/offline)
  4. Be Firm. Don’t say maybe later, not right now, I am not sure, when you mean to say no
  5. Buy yourself some time
  6. Be polite about it. Use the Yes, No, Yes Concept.

Listen to the podcast today.

Question: What other ideas have helped you say No in order to say Yes to God? Leave a comment below

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Listen now:

Episode 35 Transcript Below : Learn To Say No In Order To Say Yes To God’s Purpose For You 

Olu: Thanks for joining us again for Like Jesus Podcast. This is Olu Sobanjo and Ade Sobanjo is here too.

Ade: Hello!

Olu: Alright. Today we want to appreciate every one of you that have been listening and thank you all for the feedbacks. It’s always great to get feedbacks from everyone. On this podcast, one of the main things we are trying to do is to get you to focus on the plan that God has for your life. Last week, the comments that I got made me to see that God is at work with this and God is at work with you so thank you! Thank you for all the comments. Keep them coming. It helps to know the challenges that you are having and we pray about this. We pray for you because we want to see you move to the next level in your walk with God.

So today, what we are going to be discussing is very vital and it is saying “Learning to say No!!!” I know that this is a major thing in the mind of many people and up till today for me, it’s still a major topic because, for any Yes that you say, you’ve said No to something else. So, if I say Yes to doing Sunday School at church, baking for my kid’s school, or going to mow the lawn in my neighbor’s house, I’ve said No to a few things. It could be hanging out with the children or another meeting I’m supposed to be at. For every Yes that you say, there is a No that is accompanying it. So, today we want to focus on the fact that if you are going to really pursue purpose; if you’re going to take time to actually listen to what God is saying in your life, you’re going to have to actually learn to say No!

For me personally, this has been a big challenge and my husband right here has been the one that has been my coach in the area of learning to say No because it hurts on my inside when I say No. I feel like I’m doing the wrong thing; I feel guilty especially for those supposedly great and amazing ideas that you say No to. Like when somebody says “Help me do this”, “Carry my children. Drop them off”, I feel bad saying No but then I have other responsibilities. So I’ve brought him. He’s here – He’s a pro who’s been doing this for many years and we have a few points that we are going to just look through. Before we go through the point, I’m sure he has something as an intro to share as well.

Ade: Yes, I think this is a very wonderful topic you have chosen. For anyone that wants to do something, you have to learn to say No to the other things. I find that as one focuses more – as you become better at the things that you are doing, you have to really say more No and just a fewer Yes so that you can really become an expert in the one you are doing well at.

Olu: That’s true! That’s very true!

And that brings us to the first point that we have on the list here which is Understand your priorities. Your priorities is a very major thing and this is where I got it wrong for many years. I was at the point where “everything is great”. That was the place that I was. You know, I just look at it and just see the reward, benefits or the way it is going to sound to people that are around me. That was what determines whether I say Yes or No to something. I didn’t understand this concept of priority because everything sounds really good. It depends on who sells their message well to me and so I may run errands, carry all my children and do all these things. I’m always running from pillar to post as they say because of the fact that the priorities wasn’t clearly understood for me.

I think you’d like to or maybe you should say something.

Ade: Yes. I remember when we started the church and we had so many things to do. I’d be thinking of giving some of these things out to others and you wanted to do everything because it all looked good. You could do them and I think that’s the challenge for many of our listeners. We are multi-talented and can do so many things but we have just the same number of hours in a day and so, we are surely not going to do everything.

Olu: That’s true!

Ade: And so, really knowing what your priority is, is very important. Knowing what the endgame is; What am I trying to get at? What do I really need to do? What is it that when I accomplish at the end of the day, I will feel really fulfilled? It is a good thing to ask one’s self at the beginning of the day, every day. Just to know, What is that big thing for me?

Olu: And I actually think that ties in well with the theme of this podcast series because the more you understand God’s purpose for you, the more you know what your priorities are. So it’s very important, that is why we are doing this podcast. We want you to actually take time to be able to listen to God and know exactly what it is so that you don’t jump that every flamboyant or extravagant idea that flies around you. You know exactly what God is calling you to do, and you start doing that. That aligns or adjusts your mind in such a way that you’re able to pick, “Does this fit into what is calling me to do?” Now, there are times that you are going to do something else that doesn’t fit in but it will still be God leading you.

So we’d move on to the next point.

The next point is, Plan your day or your week in advance so you have an idea of the extra time that you have for helping other people. Usually what happens is, a lot of demands come from people that need your help; that want you to do one thing or the other, which is great. You have the gifting, they need it and you help them. It may even be in line with your priorities. But then, if you don’t plan the main things in advance so you know you have a deadline at work this week, soccer practice for the children, fixing your hair, or going for an event, you already block out important things. This could be physically done; it’s better when you actually do it on paper, your computer or phone and then you can see the extra time that is left. Some other people do it in their minds, mentally. It’s great to do that also if you don’t have so much going on but the more you start using your brain cells to calculate how much time you have then it becomes overwhelming again. So it’s better when you write it down and it’s very important to plan in advance so you’d know exactly what extra time to have.

Ade: As you were speaking, I was thinking about the fact that people can even plan their week ahead but load it up with a lot of irrelevance.

Olu: It’s true. That’s true.

Ade: It’s not that those things are not useful but they are not going to get you to where you want to go to at the end of the day. So even in planning your week, you need to keep asking yourself that question, “What is the big game? What is it that I’m really looking to achieve at the end of the day?”

I’m thinking that maybe an example would help. For us, we are pastors and for me in a day, my goal is to impact lives and to build the platform that God has given to us to reach out to people which is to build the church – build the leaders. As we build the leaders, then we can reach more people. So when I’m planning my day, I like to put in things that will help the church move forward. Once I’ve planned those things and other things come up that I didn’t plan for, if I check them and they actually help me move the church forward, I cancel some things that are on the list and do those. But, if they won’t, I will find a way to schedule those things for another time. So that’s it.

Olu: Yeah, I remember we used to fight a lot about this because then I’d be thinking, “This is a good idea! We should do this”, but because I didn’t have an idea of what was the “behind the scene” decision-making process for him, I’ll be planning all these great ideas saying, “This will be great to do too.” But I remember a couple of years ago, maybe 2 or 3 years, that God used the story of the colt that Jesus rode on into Jerusalem to speak that lesson – message to me and it was a big eye-opening experience for me. God said to me,

“You see that colt? The owner tied it there just in case the Master may need it.”

It just occurred to me that I don’t need to plan my day and cram it with all sorts of things. I plan every single thing. I don’t know, maybe some of you listening are like me; every resource must be accounted for, everything must be planned including every minute. And I kept trying to quickly achieve things under few minutes until God began to say to me, “You are gonna have to relax. Just relax. Don’t plan anything. Plan the free time of not doing anything so that I can speak to you, so I can help you.” And so, I think that what you shared is very important.

And the next point that I have here is Make up your mind to be present in whatever you are doing. Now this is a very interesting one in our present world because we can do a lot of things at the same time. I can be cooking, doing laundry, and doing some ride up, all at the same time. There’s a lot that we can be doing at once in one specific hour. It helps us because we get a lot of things done especially for mums. I know a lot of women, not just mums actually but women, would connect with this a lot more because there is so much on your plate that you need to handle. You still work, do chores, and all these things.

There’s a scripture that says, “Whatever you do, do it with the whole of your heart.” So when an offer comes and says, “Can you please do this for me?” Because of the fact that I don’t want to feel bad or want the person to feel bad, I say Yes to that. But in my head, what I’m thinking is, “Well, while I’m doing the laundry, I could also be doing that at the same time.” But what now happens is that my mind is not there because I’m splitting my mind [attention] between two activities at the same time. So I don’t do it exactly the way God would have loved it to be done. And maybe even God wants to speak if you had put your full attention. So, you won’t be able to get what God is saying and it’d just be your idea. If you are going to be committing to something, your Yes is valuable and they are not “Oh sure! I’d manage it with someone else.” Let it be for real “I will do it.” If you think about it that way, it will help you to decide what to say yes to and what not to say yes to.

Ade: Yes. That’s very important to really bring everything you’ve got into whatever you are doing. Now,  that’d happen if you make up your mind where you are going before the time; if you have a life goal, something you really want to achieve and you are doing it. For example, we are doing this podcast right and not doing anything else. Our minds are focused because it’s something important to us and I think that’s always the way it goes back to – knowing what you really want to accomplish so that when you’re doing those things, you put your whole heart to it. Now, if you’re doing something that’s not really related but it’s important then focusing on it will make you finish it quickly so you can get back to the things you really want to spend your time on. So yes! being present is very good

Olu: Thank you.

The next one there is being firm when you say yes or when you say No. I also had issues with this and I’m getting better at it also as I am learning to say yes in a good way and say no in a good way as well. The idea is that many times, because I don’t want to hurt the feelings of another person, I’d say “Well, maybe later. You know what? Yeah, maybe. I’m not sure.” All that is just delaying the No and postponing the hurt, if there’s going to be a hurt. Many times people actually understand if you know where you’re going. People actually understand. They are just looking for help and maybe if you are not able to help now, you may be able to help later but it’s good to have that at the back of your mind.

Ade: Yeah. As you were saying that I was wondering maybe some people are wondering how will they say No? For example, if your mother in law calls you and says “I’m at the airport, come pick me” How do you say No to that?

Olu: Well, you don’t say No to that. There are some things you actually can’t help. Actually, there was an incident that happened recently. I just bought a sewing machine and I’ll be talking about that on another podcast. For many years, I’ve thought I could sew but I never got to it. Recently, I got the sewing machine and I’m amazed. We are all amazed to see the dresses and things I’m able to do without formal training. This past weekend, we were going to have the women empowerment program – teaching them business skills. And somebody said to me, “We need aprons and Pastor Olu, you are going to do the aprons.” The first thing that came to my mind was “No! No!! No!!! That’s another job. I’d rather pay somebody else to do it or tell me how much it is, I’ll buy it.” But of course, she wants me to do it.  So I said “No. I can’t do it.” Later on, I realized I could have done it better. The better way to say No is to, first of all, appreciate the gesture and not push down the idea. More like you say Yes, No and Yes. The way I would have done it and I learned this from my Michael Hyatt, one great guy that I listen to. He was saying that if you are going to say No which is going to hurt somebody else, it is better to say

“Yes, wow. That’s a fantastic idea. However, based on the schedule that I have, I won’t be able to add that up. Maybe this other person will be able to do it or maybe we can find out where they sell it and we can buy it.”

That way, you’ve said Yes in a very neat way but you’ve not hurt the other person. Since that incident with the lady, I’ve been thinking about it and I’ve practiced a lot more now. I see that it’s actually easier when you appreciate the idea “Oh, I really appreciate the honor for offering for me to take your kids to school. However, I have this other engagement.” For the Mother-in-law, I don’t know if I’ll be able to find any excuse. She’s already at the Airport and I can’t do anything about it. Except if what I’m doing is very serious then I can say “Okay. Let me see if I can call somebody else to pick you because I have this that I’m doing and then I’ll meet you up at …” So, I think it’s challenging.

How would you do that?

Ade: You got it right. If it’s important, there’s no way. No mother-in-law will expect you to leave your job to come pick them at the airport unless they know that you’re self-employed. If you are self-employed and in a business meeting or doing something, you just say, “You know what? I’m in the middle of something very important…” She knows that she’s not gonna give you a job, so you can then say “You know what? I’m going to call a cab to come pick you up.”

Olu: But, it’s very interesting that you can actually feel like “Oh My God if I don’t do it now, it’s like everything is gonna… I will feel bad. She’s going to talk. Oh, you don’t know this woman. She’s gonna kill me…” All these mixed feelings but just relax. The more you understand what you are actually doing which is why it is important that you understand the purpose of your life and why God sent you here. The more you do that, the more people will start respecting you as well and they won’t be giving you babysitting jobs to do if they don’t have a choice. They’d start realizing that there are certain tasks they can’t just give you impromptu or not. They will just have to find someone else to fill in for them.

Now, the next one is: buy yourself time. You are very good at this. You’re the one that is my pro, leader in that so do you wanna tell us more on that?

Ade: Well, I think you’ve already said some things about that which is being polite. When someone asks you for something, you say, “Well, that’s good. I’ll get back to you later.” Or if it’s a text, what I do is that I leave it. Let it just rest for a while and let me rest. Let’s both think about it for a while. And sometimes, by the time I get back, they’d say, “Oh, don’t worry. We’ve fixed it.” Then that’s alright. I figure that I could not be seeing that text and I’m busy doing something right now so maybe I’m not seeing the text.

Olu: But you saw the text.

Ade: Yes.

[Both laugh]

Olu: The reason why we are laughing about this is because I used to really stress about this. When somebody texts me and says, I need this or do this or something like that, I will look at it and I’m like, “Oh My God, they know…” WhatsApp tells them you’ve read the message. So at first, I turned off the “read receipts” option on WhatsApp to prevent them from knowing I’ve read the message. Then somebody said to me the other day, “I sent you a message and I saw you come online but then you didn’t answer.” And I was like “Are they watching me or something?” But really, I think the point is that you become stronger because you actually… I am not a phone receiver. That’s not the job that I’m called here to do. Now, it’s not my official job and at the same time, it’s not my purpose on earth to receive calls or reply messages. Now if I respond to it immediately, fine. If I have something else keeping me from responding, fine.

The more you understand your purpose and that was my problem, the more you realize that you don’t have to jump at everything. You can give yourself and buy yourself time and the world is not gonna collapse.

You wanted to say something?

Ade: Yeah. Just before we wrap it up, I wanted to ask a question. What of the person that it’s not people giving them the job? They are the ones piling up. So, they watch a TV program and discover this is good and fantastic business idea and they start running with it. They dig a few calls then they stop. And because somebody came knocking on the door and is introducing a product to them. They are not buying that product but it gives them an idea of another person who has a great idea and they stop the hole they were digging and jump on the next program and they start running with that. And then another person comes or sends them an email and they start another race.

How do you deal with that?

Olu: How do you deal with that? No, you answer that.

[Both laugh]

Olu: You’re the Pro.

Ade: Well, it’s the same thing we’ve been talking about. As long as you don’t know what the big goal is; the end game; the call – what God has called you to do, you’re gonna find yourself do a lot of that. So when you find a person doing a lot of that, it’s because they don’t understand their purpose yet. The beauty of it is that you can actually do all of those tasks but you do them one at a time. Dig the first hole until it produces then stop. Then you can let it run before going to the next one. Meanwhile, focus on the one that you are doing, and when others come, you just write it down and keep doing the one that you were doing. That’s what I do. I just write down the ideas. Sometimes, people come and suggest things to me, thinking I’ve never thought of them. I just thank them and I move on to keep the focus.

Olu: Thank you very much for adding that to it. I think that it’s a very good place to wrap it up today. It’s very important that we remember that God sent us here for a purpose. We are not just waking up and going to bed every night for making extra money. We are here for a real purpose and it’s important that we have that at the back of our minds and it’s important that we attack life – engage life with that in mind.

So I’m gonna ask you to pray and close for the day

Ade: Father, we thank you so much for this time that we’ve had to discuss your Word and the life that you have given to us. We pray that everyone that’s listening to this that the grace and the strength to say to No to all distracting ideas and distracting demands in our lives, we receive!

Lord, most importantly, grant us clarity about what you really want us to do and what is most important now. For those who are still trying to find out what that is, I pray that even the one that they have right now on their hands, they can focus on until they get another instruction; a clearer instruction Father. Thank you.

We pray for all those who have needs in their lives – different kinds of needs, we pray for breakthroughs and answers to those prayers and good testimonies in Jesus name.

Both: Amen.

Olu: Alright. Thank you, everyone, for listening and see you again next week.

Don’t forget to go over to olusobanjo.com and leave a message. If you’ve not subscribed, put your name and email address in the form provided there and you will get a notification every Monday.

Go and listen to God. God bless you. Bye.



Stop And Listen To God

Do you need to stop and listen to God? In this episode, Ade and I discuss 8 signs why it may be urgent and important for you to STOP and focus on what God is saying about you.Stop and listen to God

I believe that our frustration and stress, even the wars and relationship issues we have are rooted in our lack of vision, the lack of a clear path for our lives.

When people do not accept divine guidance, they run wild. But whoever obeys the law is joyful. Proverbs 29:18

It’s sad though that we are not told to shut down everything until we hear God. You would think that education is the most important thing on earth, even in church. At least I didn’t get that notion myself as a Christian that it’s more important to hear what God is saying compared to going to school. For the first 18-20 years of life, everyone thought you to read, write, study, be adventurous, be confident, persevere and on. However, as important as these are, I believe that learning to hear God is more important.

Who are you? What were you sent here to do? Where are you now? Where is He taking you? Shot down, take the time to engage and listen!

Here are 9 signs that you REALLY need to Stop and Listen to God:

  1. You feel tired every day even in the morning.
  2. Your phone notifications determine what fills your day
  3. You always turn to social media for excitements
  4. You are constantly wishing for a better life
  5. You feel uninspired and disconnected
  6. You are not as lively as you used to be
  7. You are always rushing somewhere
  8. You can’t even remember your childhood dreams
  9. You feel there is more to life than what you have now.

Like Jesus podcast is my open letter to you, dear listener. As I share what God has done in me and is doing, I hope to inspire you to also engage this life of Christ and be all that you were designed to be. You may even be doing well, and still, need to stop and listen to God.


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Don’t Be Distracted From Your Purpose – What To Do When You Are

Warning: Don’t Get distracted from your purpose!

distracted photo
Photo by moppet65535

In this post, I want to focus on the fact that on your path to purpose there are so many distractions on your way.  You must watch out for them in order to keep moving forward in the right direction.

So I felt a tap on my back like I was being beckoned upon to wake up for an important discussion. And immediately I was wide awake. It was the Lord, calling me for a chat with Him. 

You see, I had been extremely busy, coupled with a bit of jet lag since we got back home. I enrolled in a school where I am doing some studies on how to improve some of my skills and how to organize the flow on my website. It has been an exciting added-help, to understand the way blogging works and how to flow it well with my life.

I’m sure you get it when I say life doesn’t stop for you. No, it doesn’t. And with my primary goals like being a slave of Christ, a great wife to my husband, a wonderful mom to my boys, a caring pastor and some other roles like a daughter,  sister, friend and a few more caps; things can get pretty busy. That’s why I have had to burn some midnight candles to make things work.

So on this particular day, as soon as I said goodbye to the boys and had breakfast with my hubby, it was obvious that I needed some extra hours of sleep and that’s what I did.

It was a refreshing sleep, for almost 3 hours I snoozed off. Sorry if you tried to reach me on phone at that time, my phone was far away from me.

Anyway, my darling Father was waiting right there, and at the right time, I felt like I was woken up to pray. As I did, I began to see that I was already getting attracted by some other exciting stuff that I had been discovering at school. I was already feeling like I should add more to the vision. I was already pushing my studies higher on my priority list. As I fellowshipped with God that day, I repented and was able to see how far I had gone.

As you work toward fulfilling God’s purpose, you must watch out for distractions because they will definitely come. Very good ideas will come as distractions while other obviously wrong ideas will hang around you as well.

How to discern you are distracted.

  • Is anything eroding your time with Jesus?
  • Do you sense that you are beginning to please people more than pleasing God?
  • What about your relationships (spouse, children). Do you feel the relationship with them is going to the back burner?
  • Did you suddenly notice a 2-hour block of time was just spent on social media (Facebook, YouTube….)
  • Have you ignored your plan to carry out a project by doing many other things that were not on the list because you don’t like the item on your list?
  • Is the buzz from your phone getting your mind distracted?

It’s a blessing to recognize that you are being distracted.

Steps To Take When You Are Distracted…

  1. Go back to Jesus. Schedule a time for Him daily and guard that time jealously.
  2. Read the vision He gave you over and over again
  3. Mend your relationships-give your family members your sincere love and attention and get them to be your accountability helpers as well.
  4. Put your phone on airplane mode or silence and put it far away from you.
  5. Shutdown social media or put it aside for blocks of time in your day.
  6. Trust the Holy Spirit to keep you in focus.

We were meant to live in close communion with our Lord. Learn to focus as you follow his examples by living a purposeful life daily.

I pray for you for the grace to focus.

Question: What are some other ways you deal with distractions? Leave a comment below:


Every Christian A Minister With Ade Sobanjo

In this episode, I had a chat with my hubby and new co-host, Pst Ade Sobanjo. He shares on how the books he read as a new believer shaped his mind to understand clearly that every believer is a full-time minister whether at work or anywhere else. colleagues photo

This is an important concept to understand and accept if you REALLY want to live a life of purpose. Know that your life is no longer yours and find out what the owner wants you to do with it daily.

This way, as you learn to listen to Him and do what He wants (whatever that is) your fulfillment level will increase on a daily basis. All these as you learn to listen to the Master guide you.

Easy Steps Towards Living As a Full-time Minister (& Doctor, Accountant…)

  1. Salvation.
  2. Accept that you ‘ve got a new life and the old life is gone.
  3. Embrace the goal of the new life which is to bring God glory and bring others in.
  4. Listen daily to your master.
  5. Then, of course, learn to trust and obey.

Again if you want to engage a life of purpose, you must have gone through this steps. The next step then will be on how to know if your job has to be secular or in the ministry. He talked a bit about this but we will look at this clearer in another episode soon.

It’s easy to forget that you are a minister when you go to work. You can easily get carried away by the politics and stress of the workplace and also on the projects that are due. However, the foundational knowledge that you are a minister will help keep your mind on what God wants to do each day.

Have a fantastic week!

Question: Have you always known that you are a minister and how did you know?  Leave a comment below:

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Pay Attention To Healthy Eating Too – Consider Reducing Sugar

dessert photoApparently, sugar is the same whether it comes refined, as white sugar, as maple syrup or as honey. That’s what I recently got some clarity on. I know you must have heard that too.

For people like me (who care about purpose) there is a possibility that you are carried away by the delivery of your message no matter what. Even if it means ignoring some healthy tips. However, I have a question for you today. Have you taken time to really study how your body works and how to feed it properly in order to have that body healthy enough to deliver your message over time?  Don’t feel bad if you have ignored this, I also thought I was doing fine.

Recently I took some time to study what healthy eating really means and how that affects me today. And I was amazed at a number of details I had ignored for so long. You see, I thought I was making the best possible choices in this regard; at least compared to many other women.  For example, I stopped buying soda (coke and the likes), I choose the no sugar added, low sodium and low-fat options when I went grocery shopping. I cook 90% of the food I serve my family.  I didn’t know there was a lot more to it.

Here are some facts that I learned in recent studies:

  • Your body is a complex machine with several vital organs that requires good food to function well.
  • Natural sugar is the same as refined sugar. For example, sugar in an apple has the same effect as sugar in coke.
  • The effect of sugar on your liver is similar (if not worse) compared to that of alcohol on your liver.

If your message and purpose are important to you, you must also pay attention to doing all that lies within your power to maintain the body that will deliver that message. Ignorance is not an excuse to wreck your body.

I know you may be thinking “I really don’t know who to believe”. Researchers say eggs are bad for you, another set contradicts that by saying “no eggs are good, it’s dairy that is bad”. The facts keep changing every day and we are not sure who to believe. Well, I am like you too dear. However, we cant ignore what makes sense because we are not sure. As for me, I won’t continue to ignore the truth. Not anymore.

My Resolutions Going Forward:

1. Remove processed food completely from our meals– easier for my husband and I. I will gradually do the same for the children.

2. Completly remove refined sugar. Substitute with real fruits in every meal. I wonder what banana would taste like inside my gari or Pap 😉

3. Gradually remove and regulate natural sugar (maple syrup, honey, even fruits) intake.

So help me God!

Trust me you won’t want to consume refined sugar after watching the video I saw.

The point is to change your lifestyle completely. People talk about having more energy after making these changes and feeling great. Well, I hadn’t paid attention because I didn’t think I was lacking energy. My aim is not to become a fanatic, I just want to make the right choices for my family. That’s all and you can do the same. I don’t want to remove all the fun from my life, so I may still have something once in a long while, but you never know.  I may just find a fun way to cut off completely and I am open to that too. Slow and steady for the most part. This is a long-term goal and so I am in it for the long haul. And I want to suggest that you consider gradually removing processed sugar from your meals as well.

You Can Do It Too! Start Here:

  • Revome sugar, sweetener, honey, maple syrup consumption (at least know that even the natural ones are not the best for you)
  • Take out store-bought processed meals from your daily meals: cookies, cakes, bread, muffins…
  • Then eliminate the processed food that you cook like pasta, noodles, canned goods…
  • Add superfoods to your grocery list and find ways to add them to your meals, things like almonds, avocado, blueberries, salmon, kale…
  • And of course, exercise for about 10-15 minutes daily.

The truth is that if you are sick or if your family member is unwell, it will be harder to live a life of purpose, so it may be a good thing to pay attention to it now, especially if you are the one responsible for making grocery choices at home.

God help us all!

Question: What other healthy eating choices have you made recently? Leave a comment below:


What Is The Cause Of Your Frustration?

Frustrated photoI used to think that difficult individuals were the source of my frustrations. I mean people that are a bit more demanding than others. I felt controlled by them and found it difficult to say ‘No’ to them, therefore they aggravate my stress level. An example was the fellow that visited a new church plant we started a while ago. In my opinion, this fellow was extremely demanding; like the whole world must be about them.

Before showing up at church they called a couple of times to ask for a ride. However, being a young church with limited hands, the only option we had would have to pick them up about 1.5 hours earlier than the service start time, which was too early for them. Eventually, when they showed up, I confirmed that I was right, they seemed to love attention; a lot. It was interesting to me at the time that someone could be as demanding at the beginning of a new relationship. As much as I tried to be so Christianly, I felt irritated and frustrated. And so much more when they eventually chose to remain in that church at the time, despite all the complaints they had.

I was so sure these high maintenance individuals were the cause of my frustrations until God opened my eyes. One major problem I had was that I wasn’t sure of who I was made to be. Yes, I am sure you are wondering what that has to do with my level of joy or frustration. Oh yes, it has a whole lot to do with it.

Just because I wasn’t sure of who I was and what I was designed to be, I assumed I must be there for everyone. I saw every opportunity as very important. However, the more I tried to please everyone around me the more my frustrations increased; especially when I met people I couldn’t seem to satisfy.

The truth is that I had an image of who I wanted to be, and so if I meet someone who either challenged that or ignored me, I got really threatened and irritated. Today the story is different. The life I now live is no longer mine. I am no longer trying to be ‘that image’. I want to be nothing so that He can be visible through me.

Thank God! I no longer depend on people’s approval for my joy. I have handed over my desires and dreams to God. Such a freedom, such peace!  Now it doesn’t matter if someone thought I was kind or not, smart or not, there for them or not. What matters is that God does what’s on His agenda.

You see my friend, if you are frustrated, the problem is not just from the person causing the pain but YOU. It’s true that the other fellow has issues, but the truth is that you do as well. So many of us Christians, who are supposed to be salt and light, are frustrated all over the world today. Stressed to the bones because of other individuals.

In order to be able to ENGAGE life and display Jesus’ love and life to the world around you in a meaningful way, you must be willing to identify your frustrations. Could it be that you are angry because these people are spoiling your show? 

If you are where I used to be…relax, you are in the right place, my aim is that you become free as well. That you get to the place where you are thriving the way you were meant to be. And in the next posts and podcasts, we will be delving into every area necessary to get you closer to you jumping towards your purpose. So stay tuned.

Question:  What else do you think causes people to be frustrated? You can leave a comment below:


Coming Up On Like Jesus Podcast

Really, I have enjoyed creating these podcasts whilecoming soon photo I continue to grow in love with God.  However, I get really blessed by the interviews I have produced. The dialogs and interviews are transformational; not just for me but for many of my listeners all over the world. I love to listen to them over and over again. It’s a blessing to hear other people’s story and learn. This is why I have decided to make some exciting adjustments going forward.

So, what should you expect? 

  • Lots more dialogs & interviews with Pastor Ade Sobanjo – I have pulled him in 😉
  • Dialogs with many other amazing thought leaders. Individuals that are fantastic at what they do.

Who is my Target Audience for Like Jesus?

  • Are you tired of just existing?
  • Do you desire to live purposefully today?
  • Are you interested in living a life that counts?
  • Do you wonder how possible it is to live like Jesus today while greatly influencing others?
  • Or do you know someone that fits these descriptions?

…then you will want to sign up now. That way you won’t miss any relevant post.

Meanwhile, my podcasting platform went off on me today and so I had to pay for another portal. I have been busy setting it up today and that’s why today’s episode was delayed. As at this moment, iTunes users have been updated while google play is yet to update.

Lastly, as planned, I will be returning to blogging on the 20th of Sept. I am glad to be back home after 4 months of being away. My plan is to do 3 posts a week; one on Mondays (podcast post), then one on Wednesdays and another on Fridays.

God bless you and don’t forget to live me a message below.

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Interview With Rev Olowosoyo Part 2

rev OlowosoyoCelebrate with me on the 30th episode of Like Jesus podcast!!! I am so grateful that this is blessing many around the world.

Here is the second part of the interview I had with my big brother, Rev Gbemiga Olowosoyo. Above is a picture of him and his lovely wife and my big sis 😉

Below are some of the highlights of our conversation:

  • You need other disciples of Jesus around you (to guide you) in your journey towards living purposefully.
  • Distractions will come daily.
  • To live purposefully you need to be in charge of your devices (cell phones, social media…) and not your devices be in charge of you.
  • Take time to be alone with God.

God bless you!

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Interview with Rev Gbemiga Olowosoyo Part 1

Welcome to September! There is the tendency to be stressed at this stage of the year if there are unachieved items on your 2017 goals. Depend on the author of your life and greatness can still happen with your this year. It’s a great idea to begin trusting God to reveal His plans for 2018. It’s important to have an attitude on reliance on Him.

Rev Gbemiga OlowosoyoLet me introduce you to my Special guest on like Jesus podcast for this week’s episode, a man that God established on my path. He is my big brother, Rev Gbemiga Olowosoyo. He is a major tool in the body of Christ. Has been a great help to many all around the world. He is the Senior Pastor at Christ The Answer World Mission. One of their mission work is their Free Mission School in the Muslim area of Ibadan, Nigeria. He has a vibrant Christian literature ministry and you can download many of his book FREE on Lulu.com.

In this interview, I asked him questions about how to understand God’s call for your life. He shared his own personal experiences of how his ministry started. Today’s episode is part 1. Look out for the rest of the interview in coming weeks.

Here is a snick peak of my interview with Rev Gbemiga Olowosoyo:

DIscovering purpose starts from a vibrant relationship with God, his ministry started when he recognized what God did for him, then he began to pray that God would do the same in the lives of people around him, including your sincierely, me.

God bless you today as you listen.

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Commit Your Actions To The Lord

In this episode, I talk about the fact that you need to commit your actions to the Lord.
Another word used to explain commit in the Merriam-Webster dictionary is; entrust.
Give God the responsibility for your actions and your ways.

Commit your works wholly to Him and not partially. Fully and not temporarily.

Commit your actions to the Lord, your work, your ways, your today.

And your thoughts will be established. Your plans,Commit your actions to the Lord

Commit your present continuous to him and your future will be established. Commit your today to the Lord and your tomorrow will be established.

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